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Dr. Kershman’s Invisalign Treatment in Ottawa
Bringing over 30 years of experience in the Orthodontic and Periodontic industry, Dr. Kershman and his dedicated team have become one of the most progressive Invisalign clinics in the Ottawa area. Providing the latest in Invisalign Treatments utilizing their state-of-the art 3D technology, this exciting process has helped bring beautiful confident smiles to clients including children, teens, and adults.
The Invisalign treatment itself involves creating multiple aligners utilizing advanced 3D computer graphics technology that are customized for each individual patient. These finely calibrated aligners are installed at different intervals over the course of the treatment to progressively adjust your teeth to their optimal final position. The advantage of this method over conventional metallic braces is that it provides the desired result faster as well as more discreetly during the treatment process. By utilizing transparent aligners that have been customized to the individual’s mouth at each step of the process, a subtler, less obtrusive result is achieved.
each steps for the process
Finance and Insurance
The clinic offers a variety of different financial plans and payment options tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient including down payment and monthly payment options. Part of the consultation process with Dr. Kershman will be looking at what plan is best suited to the individual based on the complexity and time required for the entire treatment. Other factors that may help reduce the overall costs of treatment are based on the individual’s insurance policy as well as tax deductions that may be applicable.
To help determine these overall costs, there is an easy to use calculator that will allow you to estimate your monthly payment on Dr. Kershman’s dental clinic’s website, that will give you a sense of what a personalized payment plan may look like on a monthly basis to help budget for the treatment.
estimate monthly payment calculator
For an example, based on a $ 10,000 Invisalign treatment plan over the course of 20 months, an insurance plan covering $ 2,500, a tax deduction of $ 2,000, and a down payment of $ 200, by inputting these variables into the calculator you would come up with a monthly cost of $ 265 per month. This customized payment plan is provided to you without incurring any interest or holding charges as part of the value added.
Why Dr. Kershman’s clinic over others?
Dr. Kershman is a renowned specialist earning multiple recognition awards and accolades in the profession since he began over 30 years ago. He and his team at the clinic treat patients well being and satisfaction as their top priorities. They are Committed to advancing the orthodontics industry standards and providing the support and treatment needed to achieve outstanding results for their patients in the community.
Dr. Kershman presentation
To see if this treatment is right for you, start by consulting with the team at Dr. Kershman’s clinic. Your first appointment with your orthodontist will consist of a tentative diagnosis in order to establish a concrete treatment plan. You will have time to discuss the specificities of the plan as well as the cost. With their focus on keeping their fees low while offering the highest health care standards, they will work with you to create the best payment plan based on your specific needs and objectives utilizing our variety of payment plans.
With a 50% faster rate than other teeth strengthening technologies, you have everything to gain in consulting an orthodontist to see if you are a good candidate.