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What do you think most resembles your teeth and your smile today?

Under-occlusion occurs when the lower teeth are forward with respect to the upper teeth.
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The open bite occurs when some teeth can not come in physical contact with the opposite teeth and allow good occlusion.
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A cross bite occurs when the upper and lower jaws are not properly aligned.
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Overbite occurs when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth.
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A gap may occur when the jaw continues to develop abnormally. Missing teeth can also cause a displacement of the surrounding teeth because of the extra space existing, creating holes between your teeth..
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Teeth may overlap when there is simply not enough room in your jaw to fit normally.
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What do you think of the spacing of your teeth? Are they too far apart or overlapping?

Overlaplower archLarge spacing
Overlaplower archLarge spacing

Evaluation completed

And if you stop asking yourself "what if" ?????

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