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To our Kershman Orthodontic Family:

At our office we pride ourselves on being an integral part of our community.  Our team and practice have grown due to our constant commitment to excellence in caring for our patients.  In keeping with this spirit of commitment to our community and patients, we will be closing our office for both the weeks of March 16th and March 23rd, in order to curtail non-essential trips out of our homes and in turn control the pandemic spread of COVID-19.  In controlling the spread, early containment is key.

While the risks posed to the average person are minimal, especially given the stringent infection control protocols we use at our practice, we feel a responsibility to ensure that we protect the elderly and immunocompromised through social distancing and by keeping the transmission rates as low as possible.  In the following days we will monitor all guidelines put forth by Public Health both at provincial and national levels as we prepare to once again serve your orthodontic needs.

During this time, we will continue to financially support our dedicated team members.  Therefore, we will be available for your orthodontic emergency care.  We will have our online patient concierge available for you through Facebook Messenger.  Simply contact us via Facebook Messenger and we will assist you to resolve any issues remotely or coordinate an appointment when indicated.  You may also leave us a voicemail at (613)738-5105, and the messages will be checked regularly.  Please DO NOT present to the office without an appointment.

Please check back on our social media platforms throughout the week for more information.

We apologize for the late notice regarding these changes, but the health of you and your family is paramount and being proactive is the best way to ensure that the spread of the virus is controlled.  We always strive to service our patients.  Thank you for trusting us all these years.  We do not take your confidence in us for granted.


Dr.  John Kershman and Staff